Recording video with your spotting scope | Tactacam Spotter LR review

Video description:

Are you looking for a way to capture or record video from your spotting scope? It could be for hunting, birdwatching or nature viewing, it doesn’t matter, Tactacam have a neat little product called the Tactacam Spotter LR which does just that! The 4K camera attached to the lens of your spotting scope and records directly onto a mico SD card, or you can even send it out to an external monitor via mico HDMI or even stream the footage to your phone or tablet.

In this video I unbox the product and put it through the ringer with some video tests to see how easy it is to use. If you’re a hunter with a spotting scope like me who loves capturing video footage this is a neat way to do that without the investment in a expense DSLR with a massive lens. If you’re already carrying around your spotting scope then the addition of this unit makes perfect sense.

Tune into this video to hear my initial thoughts on the Tactcam Spotter LR and how it holds up to the products promise. I’m also planning on doing a part 2 video where I take the device out on a rabbit hunt, so be sure to keep you’re eyes peeled for that one!


00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Unboxing
01:07 – Button interface
01:31 – How to attach the Tactacam Spotter LR to your spotting scope
01:51 – Test footage
02:04 – Animal footage
03:01 – Summary

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