Survival knife… IN A RING!?!

Video description:

Really the video title says it all, it’s a knife/blade… in a ring! It’s a ring knife! Haha. Allow me introduce you to the ultimate survival knife, the Raptor Ring from Boone Titanium Rings.

If you are looking for a super unique hunting or survival accessory/knife you should defiantly check this blade ring out.

The Raptor knife ring is a titanium ring with a single stainless steel retractable blade that pivots out. It gets its name from the curved slashing claw of the Velociraptor.

The ring is custom made to your preferred finger size. The width remains at 6.3mm. The Brushed finish looks fantastic and is topped off with the polished internal finish for comfort. Also if when purchasing the ring you have the option to get it engraved, so it might be a cool gift for the hunter you know.

You can find the Raptor Knife Ring here (note I don’t get any kickbacks if you buy the ring, I’m just promoting it because I think it’s a cool product. I’m also a sucker for a unique hunters accessory/gear )

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