The battle with the elusive sly fox continues! Whistling foxes and thermal fox hunting Australia

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The battle with the elusive sly fox continues! Whistling foxes and thermal fox hunting

It’s one of my favourite times of the year where I live, lambing season. It’s this time of the year when all the lambs in the area area born. It’s a time of the year to celebrate new life, and also a great time to hunt foxes. As the new lambs are born the foxes become increasingly active an ambitious in the hope of taking a newly born lamb for their supper. At the moment I have a long standing feud with one fox in particular who keeps evading me me. So it’s time to charge up the thermal monocular and thermal scope batteries and spend some time hunting the night. It’s fox hunting time!

In this video I attempt to use a fox whistle and thermal gear to hunt a fox who’s been terrorising the local sheep. If you like hunting, fox hunting, whistling in foxes, spot lighting foxes or hunting with thermal gear I’m sure you’ll love the video.

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Night Tech MS-50R Thermal Scope –
Night Tech XD 65 Pro II Thermal Monocular –
Native Predator Caller –


00:18 – Introduction.
00:26 – Afternoon leading up to the hunt + preparation.
01:56 – A word on hunting foxes.
03:04 – Night one of the fox hunt.
05:36 – The next morning & farm shenanigans.
06:32 – Night two of the fox hunt.
06:58 – Night three of the fox hunt.
09:29 – Wrap up

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