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This video that covers The best Australian hunting YouTube channels. Or maybe the best Australian hunters on YouTube. Haha either way in this video I walk through some of the local Australian hunters who I think are doing a great work documenting their hunts, educating hunters and discussing important Australian hunting topics. They all make great Australian Hunting videos.

By no means is this an exhaustive or complete list, there are so many great Australia hunting channels out there. These channels are just a small sample, but an important one.

@Aussie Bush Harvest – 00:20
89 videos , 22.3 subs, Joined Jul 31, 2012
Posts videos once or twice every month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
Lives up in the central west of NSW
Hunts in, focuses on and champions public state forest hunting in NSW.
All about the harvest and keeping things natural.
Does a lot of education based videos as well as hunts (which is why I like him)
Super down to earth and positive guys, always smiling, raw and authentic.
Knows a lot about the bush, and how you can harvest from it, a great Australian huntsman.

@Zebra’s Sambar hunting adventures. – 01:26
61 videos (5.83 subs), Joined Feb 23, 2011
Recently has been releasing videos frequently, every week or two.
Lives in Victoria and hunts primarly sambar in remote hike style hunting
Only hunts free range animals.
The occasional product review video, but mostly hunting videos.
Great attitude, authentic guy
Has recently started guided and filming his clients hunts which is cool.
A focus on training and knowledge sharing
Top bloke, I like him.

@Into the Mountains – 02:39
77 videos 13.4K subscribers Joined Aug 27, 2017
Based in Victoria
Mostly Deer hunting (but also some other feral animals like pigs) videos, gear reviews, education based videos.
Has some great footage, especially his drone shots.
Hunts a lot with other guys and features them on his channel.
Likes a good laugh
Does a great job of making you feel like you’re a part of the hunt, like your standing there next to him.

@Liquid Antler – 03:39
3.98K subscribers • 82 videos Joined Jan 25, 2010
Born in New Zealand but now lives in Brisbane Australia where most of his hunts take place.
Young chap with a great attitude. Humble.
A mixture of hunting videos, 4WD and camping gear reviews, bit of fishing and spear fishing. The content is a bit more diverse then the other channels in this list.
Even though his first video was released 12 years ago, I feel like he’s just starting to get into a rhythm recently, producing some great videos, like his Red stag hunts during the roar.

@Tony Gillahan – 05:51
10.3K subscribers • 377 videos Joined Sep 10, 2009
Another Victorian based hunter in the High Country.
Releases videos frequently. Once a week or so.
Actually started filming and photography others hunts and then decided to film his own.
Hunt videos, gear reviews, shows a lot of trail cam footage too.
Hunts a lot of private property which means he get’s a lot of footage of deer and a lot of kills.
Also does a few fishing videos here are there.
Hunts with Rem his GWP that adds a unique tone and feel to his videos.
Also does a bit of drone flying and deer spying.

@HillDogTV – 07:01
4.97K subscribers • 277 videos Joined Apr 16, 2012
Releases videos regularly, once a week, sometimes multiple videos a week.
A focus on deer hunting (mostly sambar) but other species too.
Also lifestyle content, like mini bikes,
Does a bit of commentary on political issues that relate to hunting and follows the news concerning changes to hunting laws.
He cares about the longevity of hunting in Australia
Also does a good job honouring the Australian hunting legends, men and woman who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of hunting.
Doesn’t take his content to seriously – Calf with Head in Bucket Rescue
He’s cheeky, got a bit of personally which is one of the reasons I like him.

@Bolt-Action Productions – 08:23
55.1K subscribers • 192 videos Joined Jan 2, 2012
Steve and Leigh
Their content is as diverse as the blokes they hunt with, from shooting rabbits with the shotgun for the pot, calling in foxes with a whistle, hunting with ferrets, to hiking into the backcountry of the Victorian Alps to pursue the Sambar.
They live and breath this stuff and their content reflects this.
They have a lot of wisdom and knowledge that they share in their videos.,
They guys are a lot of fun and their love of life, and friendship is inspiring.
If you want to watch two older gentleman have a laugh, hunt some game and share some wisdom it’s worth checking out their channel.

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