The case for hunting foxes in Australia

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So a couple of weeks ago I created a video that raised some open ended questions about how useful the term ‘pest’ and phrase ‘introduced species’ are. These questions were designed to generate discussion and help us reach a deeper understanding of how animals engage with the Australia ecosystem, agricultural system and Australian people and BOY OH BOY did it create discussion!

If you want to check out the video that prompted the creation of this one you can do so here

For some reason a lot of people thought that I was saying that we shouldn’t hunt foxes. This couldn’t be further from the truth, I LOVE hunting foxes and have created a number of videos on this channel showing some of my fox hunts. But I do see how some people might feel uncomfortable with open ended questions that don’t always have an answer. So with that in mind I’ve created this second video which highlights some of the positive and informative comments people made about the topic as well as some of my own musings about how my opinion has changed and deepened.

A big thank you as well to everyone who shared their thoughts and wisdom off the back of the last video, especially Nathan from @EDGEoftheOUTBACK. Appreciate you calling me on my position mate, and doing so with humility and respect.

Growth, learning and a the fostering of a greater appreciate for life is always the goal of any video I make and this video is no different. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m wrong all of the time, being wrong, discovering this and then wanting to change is the doorway to growth. If you’re never wrong you can never grow, so we shouldn’t be scared of this.

Let’s just remember as hunters that it’s ok to be wrong, even on topics we are passionate about ourselves. What’s important is that the value people, and give them the time and space to grow.

I hope you can all get something out of this video, I certainty did.

– Chris Waters

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