The first Australian hunting Ebike is here and it’s awesome! | EORB HUNTER ebike

Video description:

So while the rest of the hunting world has been enjoying hunting ebikes for a few years now us Australia’s have been left wanting… UNTIL NOW!

Introducing the EORB Hunter, Australia’s first hunting bike. That is it’s an ebike that’s specifically designed for hunting and off-road activities. The HUNTER is a bad ass, hard tail ebike. With 150kg payload, this ebike pack horse isn’t afraid to do the heavy lifting. It has a 60km range of power and documented max speed of 50km/h (I’ve actually gotten it a bit faster in my early tests haha)

This video isn’t a review of the EORB Hunter, that will come later. I just wanted to share this teaser clip because I’m pretty excited about the bike. My next step is to take the EORB Hunter out for a hunt on private property and see if I can’t use it to help me take down and transport a wild goat, pig or deer.

Using this ebike to hunt and get a game animal will be a true test of it’s performance and viability. So if you’re keen to see some more Australian hunting ebike content be sure to keep any eye on the channel over the next few months.

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