Thermal rabbit hunt with Sam and Jordi | Night Tech MS 50R Thermal Scope packs a punch!

Video description:

Recently I got my hands on the new Night Tech MS 50R Thermal Scope, and I thought what better way to break it in, then to host a hunt and bring along fallow hunting club and community members Sam and Jordi in search of some hares and rabbits!

In this video Chris, Jordi and Sam head out to some private property to take down some rabbits for dog food. It was actually Sam’s first kill every, which was really exciting. Not only did he get his first blood, but he walked away from the hunt with kill kills under his belt and some pro butchering advice giving by Jordi who as well as being a cracking hunter, is also a chef.

If you value mate-ship, community and some good old rabbit and hare hunting you’ll love this video.

If you are interested in learning more about our free member hosted hunts, joining the club or just want to learn more you can do so over at


Intro: 00:22
What’s on the menu?: 01:18
Cook up: 01:40
Hunting laws concerning thermal scopes and monocular: 02:21
The hunt: 02:54
Connecting with other hunters: 05:16

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