Trapping Possums! Little devils need to be stopped!

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Video description:

So it looks like I have a brush tail possum issue on my property where the little devil keeps breaking the branches off our young fruit trees, and my wife is blaming me! So it’s time to bring out the trap and get this possum.
Tune into this video as I attempt to trap a possum and protect my property.

Each state and territory has different rules when it comes to residents capturing and releasing possums so make sure you read up on the laws in your area. To get you started I’ve included some helpful notes and resources below.


00:00 Intro
00:46 Getting the trap ready
01:21 Possum vision
01:49 Trap explanation
02:40 First night checking the trap
04:17 Day 1 checking the trap
06:14 Day 4 checking the trap & a possum!
06:50 Releasing the possum
07:20 Thoughts on trapping
08:29 Wrap up

Overview of possum rules.

WA, QLD & NT – You can’t legally trap possums yourself. You need to use a pest control expert.

VIC, TAS– you are allowed to trap and release possums as long as it’s done within the scope of the state rules.

NSW & SA – you are allowed to trap and release possums as long with license or permit (which you need to apply for)

ALL STATES – You are not allowed to kill a trapped possums, it must be released no more then 50m from where it was captured.

State specific resources and rule links.


SA –

WA –

NT –





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