Wild dogs took over our Howqua hunting spot! High County Victoria Hunting

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Video description:

At the start of 2022 things were looking good! Our little pocket of paradise in Howqua within the Victorian High Country was yielding a fantastic number of sambar hinds and stags, fallow bucks and does and even pigs.. There was plenty of deer to hunt and then the wild dogs came through… little buggers.

In this video I walk you through trail camera hunting footage that covers the space of 2 months from early January till the start of March 2022. The video shows a fair bit of Australian wild dog footage and talks a little bit about their behaviour.

If you’re interested in seeing some footage of Victoria’s finest game animals (and wild dogs!) be sure to check the video out.


00:00 Introduction
00:10 December 2021
00:42 Mid January 2022 – sambar deer, fallow deer & pigs
02:57 End of January – beautiful fallow stags
05:27 – Start of February – wild dogs move in
08:48 – Start of March – dogs leave, pigs return
10:04 – Wrap up

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