Wild Outback Hunt: Hunting a MONSTER Chital Stag!

Wild Outback Hunt: Hunting a MONSTER Chital Stag!
The Huntsman | Season 2 | Episode 3

Join Chris Waters (The Huntsman) as he joins his friend Bill stalking bucks and stags in South Australia during the heart of the Rut and Roar (fallow deer and red deer breeding season). Watch as the boys sneak into thick rut stands surrounded by croaking bucks and experience close encounters like you’ve never seen before. Nowhere else in Australia is the fallow and red deer breeding display such a spectacle. While the boys were chasing a particular buck everything changed when they spotted a monster chital stag…

On this trip, Chris shot another monster, a big mature fallow buck just after an emergency bowel movement! You can watch the entire hunt here in this season 2 bonus episode: https://youtu.be/Ll6zxlYbchQ



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